Welcome in our webshop


Welcome to Swedish-connection.nl, the webshop for fans of Volvo, Saab and Sweden

Not only the famous prancing moose stickers can be found in our webshop but all kinds of small and special products. 

But it's not just stickers that we sell. Browsing the departments of our store also lead you to a large collection of Volvo miniatures, dating from 1927 to today and beyond.

And finally you'll find a number of wannahaves that you cannot be without !

As the Dutch and English pages in the shop are not synchronizes you may want to look in both webshops to find what you are looking for.!

Please have a look around our shop and enjoy !


Payment for customers outside
of the Netherland and Belgium

For international customers outside the Netherlands and Belgium only we opened a PayPal account: shop@swedishconnection.nl